Workers Compensation

Michigan Industrial Rehab Clinics

Michigan Industrial Rehab Clinics have the expertise and specialization of workman’s compensation cases to help injured workers, employers, adjusters, case managers, and physicians achieve the best outcomes possible for injured employees by returning them to work quickly and safely. We have 31 clinics throughout Southeast and Western Michigan, convenient to where patients work and live. We have a comprehensive offering of injury prevention and rehabilitation services to help.  Our goal is to help decrease the incidence of occupational injuries and help injured workers recover quickly and safely.

Our team includes Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Athletic Trainers and Hand Therapists who are trained to expertly handle work injuries in order and get them on their way to a fast and safe recovery.

Our Comprehensive Program Includes:

It is an evidence-based, legally defensible FCE program that will help analyze an injured worker’s ability to perform functional work activities. A licensed clinician will conduct a comprehensive evaluation to determine a worker’s physical work capacity level and tolerance for job – related activities. Documentation of observed and demonstrated job-related behaviors, as well as consistency of effort, will be included in the evaluation report.

Acute care involves physical medicine procedures and modalities which are provided by one of our licensed physical therapists during the acute phase on an injury or illness. Approaching injuries in this manner can help to get a person back to work, and through education, prevent further injuries.

Once beyond the acute phase, an injured worker is prepared for return to work through specific exercise as it relates to their injury and their job duties. This includes strengthening, conditioning, improving mobility and education on body mechanics and injury prevention so they can safely return to work.

A qualified hand therapist can evaluate and identify any problem relative to the upper extremities. The hand therapist can effectively treat and rehabilitate the patient through postoperative rehabilitation, preventative, non-operative, or conservative treatment or industry consultation.

Identifies the aspects of the work environment that increase the risk of injury and help to resolve ergonomic challenges.  There is a rise in partial strains of the neck, shoulder, upper back, low back, elbow and wrist since work spaces are much more compact and time spent in the chair is increased.  Here, risk factors will be identified and recommendations to minimize these risk factors will be offered.

Evaluation of the job site is used to formulate an individualized return to work plan while at the patient’s place of employment.  Here risk factors will be identified and then recommendations to minimize the risk factors to allow for a safe return to work.  Management will also be educated on these risk factors and the possible signs and symptoms that may occur in order to prevent over magnification of symptoms.

We offer on or off-site pre-employment physical capacity screening and training to help identify and prevent work place injuries. We have a proven track record of substantially lowering work compensation injury claims and their associated costs for the companies we have contracted with.

Our physical and occupational therapists focus on the total management of the injured worker. They focus on understanding the specifics of their patient’s jobs in order to rehabilitate them back to the specifics of their position.

Our team is able to customize an onsite program which meets the needs of the industries we serve. We do not have a standard program but instead build a program based on needs but all with the goal of reducing work place injuries and its associated costs.

  • Decreased health care costs
  • Reduced time off work
  • Increased productivity
  • Prompt and proactive communication with case managers, adjusters, employers and physicians
  • Decrease in injury rates
  • Early return to job duties